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Emtrac Advantage


  • 66% more durable and structurally strong

  • 70% better electrical flow for higher reserve capacity and superior starting performance

  • 20% fewer greenhouse gases


  • superior corrosion resistance for longer life and reduced warranty cost

  • higher heat resistance for longer sustained power in high cycle/heat


  • better cooling of gases for superior drain back and improved gas exit

  • more water condenses and flows back into the battery for lower acids spewing and water consumption



  • 19mm lug intercell welded grid for assured high power cranking

Manufactured by India's largest automative batteries factory, Emtrac Plus is a product of superior engineering and service facilities. Exporting to over 32 countries worldwide, the factory supplies aftermarket and  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)products to Mercedes, Honda, Tata Motors, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mahindra, and Leyland, to name a few.

  • Industrial VRLA SMF Battery Plant certified for both ISO/TS 16949 and QS-9000

  • Government of India approved R&D Centre for batteries

  • Oxide manufacture to finished battery dispatch in one complex

  • Fully furnished in-house plastic injection moulding

  • Ultra-modern sheet metal fabrication facility with CNC machines robotic welding equipment

  • Full-fledged calibration & chemical laboratories to correct instruments & check material purity

  • Test facilities to check the raw material to Parts Per Billion level

  • HP/Fluke make Power Analysers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for prototype modeling

  • Vibration Test facility up to 3G

  • Environment chambers to test systems at sub-zero and elevated temperatures

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